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Open Data Mesh Platform (ODMP) is an open-source implementation of a DataMeshOps Platform facilitating the end-to-end management of data product lifecycles, from deployment to decommissioning. ODMP's high versatility allows users to utilize the platform as is or tailor it to suit specific requirements. Embracing a modular architecture, ODMP leverages open specifications and protocols to enhance interoperability with diverse systems. By adhering to established standards, it fosters a supportive ecosystem of mesh tools that seamlessly integrate and adapt to evolving needs.

ODMP simplifies data-ops tasks, enabling teams to efficiently create, validate, deploy, and evolve their data products in a self-service manner empowering autonomous navigation. ODMP remains technology agnostic, providing flexibility to incorporate users' preferred tools through adapters.

If you want to deeply understand the architecture and the implementation details of the Open Data Mesh Platform, this is the right place to start. You can also read the Site Map where you may find a structured index of all the documentation available on this site to plan your learning journey.

Welcome on board!