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The ODM CLI is a module implementing a CLI (i.e., Command Line Interface) that allows to interact with some services of the ODM Platform world.

It has commands that don't require the connection to any ODM service, like the validation of a Data Product descriptor syntax, and commands that require an available and reachable ODM service, such as commands to create a Data Product, create a Blueprint, read all the registered Data Products, and more.

How it works⚓︎


ODM CLI is a Spring Boot project that doesn't expose any API and doesn't have a standard main class executing the service. Each command invokes the start of the application that will execute the command, returns the results and shut down.

This behavior is possible thanks to the Picocli implementation, where the only code is the definition of the set of commands available for command linde usage.


Each command maps a feature of other ODM projects and/or modules. Depending on the command, some of them don't require any interaction with a reachable service, and some require and available and reachable ODM service.


This section lists all the available commands, grouped by used modules.

  • Local: local commands that don't need interaction with any ODM modules
  • Registry: commands that interact with the Registry Server of ODM
  • Blueprint: commands that interact with the Blueprint Server of ODM
  • Policy: commands that interact with the Policy Server of ODM


In addition to the technologies already mentioned on the main architecture page, this module makes use of the following:

  • Picocli, a framework for creating Java command line applications with almost zero code