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Blindata Observer⚓︎


The Blindata Observer Microservice is an Observer Adapter, (i.e. an implementation of the Observer service of the Utility Plane), that acts as a notification handler for Blindata. Blindata is a SaaS platform that leverages Data Governance and Compliance to empower Data Management projects.

The main task of the adapter is receiving and handling notifications from other ODM services, such as the Registry Server and the DevOps Server. After the reception of a notification, it extracts the event and, depending on the nature of the event, the microservice interacts with Blindata to create, update or remove objects.

As an example, consider the DATA_PRODUCT_CREATION event. Once the Registry Server has sent a notification encapsulating such event to any active listener, the Blindata Observer Adapter is able to receive it. Then, it processes the event forwarding the request for the creation of the Data Product Object on the Blindata system in order to be mapped in the governance tool.

How it works⚓︎


The adapter has a single module, called observer-blindata-server, that:

  • implement and/or extend the base features of an Observer adapter from the Observer Server module of the Utility Plane
  • define specific classes to interact with Blindata
  • authentication and authorization
  • services to interact with objects on Blindata



The Blindata Observer Adapter it's not meant to be a standalone service, even if it has the ability to be used as an independent module. It contains all the required logic to interact with Blindata, but reacting to notification reception makes it useless without other ODM services.

Its default usage always includes interactions with:

  • Registry Service, to receive notification about registry operation on Data Product, such as creation, update, deletion, ...
  • DevOps Service, to receive notification about the lifecycle of Data Product objects
  • Blindata, to create, update or delete the objects representing Data Product and Data Product Version


Other than the default Java, Maven and Spring technologies, the Blindata Observer Adapter does not make use of any particular technology.