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We love your input! That is afterall the main reason why we decieded to relese the specification as an open standard under Apache 2.0 licence.


We want to make contributing to this project as easy and transparent as possible. We do not have anyway a formal contribution process like other open standard yet (ex. AsyncAPI Specification Contribution Guide ). We want to define a lightweight process in the upcoming months collecting also your feedbacks on the different possibilities.


You can contribute to this project in the following ways:


The Open Data Mesh Platform project uses GitHub to maintain its content.

This repository is publicly visible; however, if you want to contribute new content you need to create a GitHub account. This can be created from the top of the GitHub home page.


The specification has been originally designed and released by Quantyca that it as at the moment its only mantainer. We hope to on-board soon other organizations that want to help in mantaining and evolving the specification.

Open Data Mesh Initiative⚓︎

We would like to create an initiative around the specification to group all organizations that want to activelly partecipate in its evolution driving the key technical decisions and promoting its adoption. If your organization is intersted in joining this initiative please drop us an email so we can arrange a presentation call.


We use Slack to provide an ongoing dialogue between members.

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If you want to reach us feel free to send an email to following address.

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