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Blueprint Commands⚓︎

These are commands that require an active and reachable instance of the ODM Blueprint Server.

Common parameters:

  • -f / --properties-file: file path of the configuration file describing how to communicate with ODM modules
    • it's an optional YAML file that, if present, list all the modules and their URL in the following format: module-server: http://<hostname>:<port> (e.g., blueprint-server: http://localhost:8003)
    • the default file in the project lists the modules as if they were exposed locally with their default ports
  • -s / --server: server address (port included) of the ODM Blueprint Server; If explicit, override the property in the properties-file
  • -h / --help: command helper
  • -V / --version: command version


odm-cli blueprint create
  • name: Create Blueprint
  • description: Create a Blueprint given its JSON descriptor
  • parameters:
    • --blueprint-file: file path of the JSON descriptor
    • --check: [Optional] whether to verify or not the content of the Blueprint remote repository while creating it
  • examples:
    • odm-cli blueprint create --blueprint-file src/main/resources/bp-example.json [with default properties.yml in module root]
    • odm-cli blueprint -f properties.yml create --blueprint-file src/main/resources/bp-example.json
    • odm-cli blueprint --server http://localhost:8003 create --blueprint-file src/main/resources/bp-example.json
    • odm-cli blueprint create --blueprint-file src/main/resources/bp-example.json --check


odm-cli blueprint list
  • name: List Blueprint
  • description: List all registered Blueprints
  • examples:
    • odm-cli blueprint list [with default properties.yml in module root]
    • odm-cli blueprint -f properties.yml list
    • odm-cli blueprint --server http://localhost:8003 list


odm-cli blueprint init
  • name: Init Blueprint
  • description: Init a target Git from the Blueprint source repo. It requires the Blueprint ID and the following parameters that they'll be interactively asked the user::
    • URL of the target Git repository
    • Whether to create or not (i.e., already exists) the target repository
    • each parameter required by the Blueprint (i.e., the parameters explicitly described in the Blueprint params.json file). if the user skips a parameter, the default value will be used.
  • parameters:
    • --id: Blueprint identifier
  • examples:
    • odm-cli blueprint init --id 1 [with default properties.yml in module root]
    • odm-cli blueprint -f properties.yml initBlueprint --id 1
    • odm-cli blueprint --server http://localhost:8003 init --id 1